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Undoubtedly, a dog having big floppy ears does especially steal your heart. But if you have ever owned a pet dog like this, you are aware that the cuteness comes along at a cost. A pet dog ear infection is nothing to look at casually. It's about the most prevalent cause canine owners see veterinarians. But can you envision why a dog having large ears that usually tend to flop around can have a worse time with ear infections? The cause is not difficult to guess - the ear canal in this particular canine continually stays partly shut off from the atmosphere. This keeps the dampness in a lot more than it would if the pooch had open ears. A place such as the ear that remains wet is sure to quickly develop a yeast infection. But open ears have issues of their own also. Open ears are unprotected, more or less, and bugs such as mites can get in and cause infections simply by themselves.

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